Hey there

I’m Svetlana or Sveta for short, and nutrition is my jam!

Since my teens I was interested in food, how we eat and most importantly - dieting. I wasn’t happy with my body and tried almost everything like low calorie, low fat, low carb, keto and even raw vegan but that only last a week. Yes, I was like the millions of people who think that maybe this one last diet will help me achieve my ideal weight.

I quit my safe but boring IT job in 2015 and moved from New Zealand to Canada. Was I terrified? YES. But this was the catalyst I needed to start living life on my own terms, not long after I decided to pursue my passion for nutrition as my career.

Stop obsessing about food

Since then I studied Nutrition at the Nutritional Therapy Association and have found that food doesn’t need to be so complicated. We don’t need to eat as little as possible or deprive ourselves. We don’t need to punish ourselves for 7+ hours every week in the gym. We don’t have to cut out entire food groups.


When I’m not writing, talking about nutrition or helping people with their health goals you will most likely find me rock climbing and living out of my van.


I love to travel and have been to over 20 countries throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America, South Pacific.

My Mission

  • Break free from the diet mentality - I was stuck in that rut for too long.

  • Achieve your health goals.

  • Feel confident in your body.

  • Stop the obsession with food and your next meal.

Are you committed to making lasting healthy changes in your life?

Are you tired of waiting for the right time?

Are you ready to make an investment in your health and fitness?


Who Am I?

I’m a nutritionist spreading the good news of ditching dieting, radical self-confidence, the power of whole nutrient dense food, living mindfully, sustainability and everything in between.

This website was born June 2017 as I began studying with the Nutritional Therapy Association. Fast forward to now where I work one on one with clients on their nutrition and healthy habits. I also love writing so I update the blog regularly with my thoughts on supplements, mindset, habits as well as recipes direct from my kitchen.

What Can I help you with?

  • Weight loss

  • Digestive issues like constipation, gas, bloating

  • Understand what foods work best for your own body

  • Athletic performance and nutrition for injury prevention

  • How to implement your new nutrition lifestyle changes in a lasting and sustainable way

  • Have lasting energy all day without needing to snack all the time

  • Get control of your hunger signals so food isn’t your only thought