In my opinion the digestive tract and its function to be the single most important body component determining health and disease. The food/drinks we consume and make their way through our GI tract are the single sources of the building blocks required by our body for energy, healing, and daily function. Can we take that in to really appreciate what digestion does for us? When body cells repair, organs function, body systems keep us alive it is only from the nutrition we consume daily.

When digestion isn't working optimally the whole body can be affected. Science is still uncovering the impact of impaired digestion, the effects are as varying as there are people on this planet. Mood, fatigue, adrenal health, blood sugar dysregulation, immune system, allergies, hair, skin and nail health, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

How do you know if you are having digestive issues?

Bloating, belching, gas, heartburn are the obvious signs. Fingernails chipping, peeling or breaking. Experiencing hives, pulse speeds up after eating, chronic stuffy nose, constipation and diarrhoea.

A classic sign I have been seeing recently in the internet sphere are blood tests for allergies. Most people are surprised that the results come back with sensitivities to all of the foods they eat most or at least have been recently. Avocado, chicken, coffee, vegetables. What is left to eat? What a test like this really means is that most likely there are some digestive problems going on. Maybe the gut lining is inflamed and some undigested food particles are squeezing through the intestinal lining causing sensitivities. If we just cut out the foods that registered a sensitivity without addressing digestion we will find ourselves back at that same place but with sensitivities to more or other foods.

Luckily for us, the cells in the GI lining are some of the fastest replaced in the body. So removing the offending foods and then working to heal the gut lining can be relatively fast depending on severity. Working with an NTP or holistic nutritionist can lead to the fastest results.

Here are a few things that can help digestion:

Cutting out foods you are sensitive to for at least 30 days

Ginger - has been shown to reduce risk of inflammation in the digestive tract

Apple cider vinegar in water before meals

Digestive enzymes

Betaine HCL


Peppermint tea

Bone broth - especially broth that gels

Collagen Peptides or gelatin

Beet juice or beet kvass

Fermented vegetables or fermented vegetable juice

Pre and probiotics - find ones that work for you

Our modern life, unfortunately, is geared towards throwing off our digestion. Excessive sugar and refined foods, antacids, overeating, excess alcohol and one of the biggest ones for me - stress.

Writing this I realise that this information is just scratching the surface of digestion as a topic. There is so much more to cover and I plan to do that. Digestion plays a crucial role in our health and healing overall. There is a growing amount of good and bad information out there so speak to a professional if you are dealing with chronic digestive issues as you may not be aware how much impact they could be having on the body as a whole.