Happy New Year and Meditation

So another year comes to a close and everywhere I look people are talking about their resolutions, intentions, goals. I’m sure my gym will be packed come January so I have really enjoyed the last few peaceful days of December when people are more busy eating Christmas cookies than working up a sweat.

My resolution or whatever you want to label it is meditation. I actually download the headspace app in 2015 but I never turned it into a habit or had it stick despite the app working for others I know. But within the last month, I have been confronted with various signs and information about how important mindset, focus and meditation are to overall health. I know that a negative mindset and thought patterns are completely reversible and meditation is a great way to get me there. So I completed a few more 10 minute sessions and then bit the bullet by signing up for a year of Headspace. I’d like to give credit to my man who bought a year subscription a month or so before me and spurred me further into action.

Have Headspace, will meditate.

So now that I have the subscription how has it been going? Well, the new year hasn't even started but I have been maintaining my one a day session. I don’t want to become obsessive over my streak but it is definitely easier to keep up with a new habit if I do it daily.

Where do I want my meditation practice to be in December 2018? Ideally, I’ll still be meditating if not daily then at least several times a week. But like in yoga, it’s not called “practise” for nothing. I want to keep practising to get better at mediating and like all good things the benefits come with time. Learn, practice, master.


Catching a sunset in both photos. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2017