'Tis the sick season

It’s the end of January and to be honest the season of sniffles and getting sick got me.

I got a sore throat and a blocked nose. I remember when getting sick for me as a kid was quite different and meant being blocked up for weeks, a cough chesty full of phlegm, being in bed for days and taking antibiotics. When we are young our immune system is still developing but also I just look after myself better now because I hate being sick, it is the worst.

When we get sick our body is actually doing its job and fighting off invaders to our body like viruses, pathogens and bacteria that want to take over our body. We are constantly coming in contact with things that may make us sick but usually we can fight it off, maybe without even realising that our body is doing it. But sometimes we get infected and our natural response is the symptoms we associate with being “sick”.



A note on people who “never get sick”.

Some people who are in a chronic high cortisol state will tell you they “never get sick”. This is the person who is the perfectionist, running from one task to another, spread thin, or has many of the chronic life stressors we can associate with high cortisol. This stress hormone actually suppresses the immune system and stops it doing its job. Great, we think, never having to get sick. But the body is still being bombarded with viruses and bacteria and isn't doing anything to fight them off and rid the body of these invaders. So as soon as we relax, we finally schedule that holiday to kick back for a week. Boom - sickness strikes. It’s happened to many of us, myself included.

I’m not saying that getting sick is good, but we can look at it in a more positive way that our immune system is doing its job. Plus when I’m looking after myself year round (which includes managing stress), when I do get sick it’s not nearly as bad or lasts as long.

A few of my favourite natural immunity boosters.

Elderberry syrup

Echinacea as a tincture, tea or as an extract


Vitamin C from supplements and organic citrus fruits for a more complete Vit C profile that includes bioflavonoids

Adaptogens like ashwagandha, cordyceps, etc

Herbal teas

Zinc lozenges for a sore throat

Raw turmeric and ginger juice

EpicCor - studies have shown this yeast fermentate significantly improves cold/flu symptoms

Saline nose spray

Water, water, water! Stay hydrated daily, especially when sick. Mucus is 98% water and is needed to trap and kill bacteria/other pathogens.