The power of positive thinking

This one important thing might be missing from your health journey.

So you are trying to lose weight, or get fit, figure out digestive issues, get more energy, or a host of other lifestyle related conditions but this one thing might be standing in your way.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude might be the thing you need to bust through whatever lifestyle related condition you are struggling with. Research on the placebo effect shows that just believing that you are taking or receiving treatment can make you feel better. All those first hand accounts of taking a supplement or powder and straight away they feel more relaxed when their effect has only been shown to take place over a longer period of time. Just doing something we deem good for us or healthy can make us feel better instantly. Some researchers have concluded that the placebo effect is a biological response to feeling cared for, the more we feel it the more positive results we could see. So why no care for ourselves?


So if you can imagine your healing success, then the body may start acting accordingly. In a biological process I’m calling “fake it till you make it”. I’m not saying forgo medical intervention, nutrition, exercise and modalities such as acupuncture or massage. But when you do take care of yourself in those ways, believe that you are going to see the desired results, believe you will feel better.

Also worth noting that creating a personal healthy ritual could also make a big impact on your health. Think about rituals like your morning routine or meditation. Making an adaptogenic latte with coconut butter and spices. Maybe a bedtime ritual of relaxing tea, soft music, lighting a candle, journaling or reading a book. Focus on being present during these moments. Enjoy where you are. Focus on the actions. Believing is not enough you must know that you are

So knowing the powerful effects of the mind, just think how detrimental your thoughts can be. Believing that you will always be overweight, or sick or stuck in a hopeless situation. You could literally be thinking your body into the same stagnant place that you desperately want to get out of.

If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
— Maya Angelou

As someone who has dealt with clinical depression in the past I know it can sometimes be easier said than done to change your attitude and mood. It’s easy to get stuck in negative thought loops and patterns that lead to hopelessness. You have to take responsibility to get out of these destructive thoughts because your happiness and positivity is solely your responsibility.  


Some simple things that can help.

Create your own unique healing ritual, the intention behind it is to deeply care for yourself, know that it is doing good things for your body and mind.

Take a yoga class or just do some easy stretches at home

Look in the mirror and say “I love myself” “I am capable” “I am healthy”

Bust negative self talk - you wouldn't say those things to a friend, so why say them to yourself?

Read a feel good book

Take some time to take it easy! Light a candle, take a bath, lie on the couch, listen to some relaxing music.

Make a list of priorities and put yourself as number one.

Incorporate more gentle walking into your day.

Consider working on past trauma and your emotional resiliency with a self help book, journalling, or a therapist.

For further reading I highly recommend this article that deep dives into the new research available on the placebo effect, it is quite astounding. NY Times - What is the placebo effect not a trick?