Magical Morning Routine

So you want your healthy habits to stick? You want to set yourself up for success every morning?

The less choices we have to make daily the better right? Choice fatigue is real, when humans have to decide too many things (studies show that number is in the tens of thousands daily) the psychological effect is that our decision making skills start to deteriorate leading to some less than desirable choices. Well what people are finding now is the value of a morning routine.

Think less, achieve more

More and more guides are popping up on suggestions for morning routines. Filled with yoga, meditation, the ubiquitous green juice. But I’m here to tell you that a morning routine is as personal as your DNA. Make it what you want it, add some spiritual elements like meditation and tarot cards or don’t. Add as much or as little as you wan’t. Start small and get yourself going with a routine. Then add additional good things one at a time after you have established your initial routine.

Maybe it’s too obvious to state here? Going to bed at the same time each night is actually the very beginning of your morning routine. It sets you up for success so you can get up at your desired time, well rested and ready to go through your morning.

You start to find your body craves the cycle of your morning routine and when you travel or step away from your routine for other reasons it could throw a spanner in the works. Our bodies naturally crave cycles, starting with the circadian rhythm of the sun rise and sunset telling us when to sleep and when to wake up. Slower paced colder months of the year and the more high energy of the warmer months. A woman’s monthly hormonal cycle. Our reactions to a full moon - most people find their sleep is affected. Jet lag is the most telltale sign of how dependant our bodies are to natural cycles. I’ve definitely spent plenty of nights lying in bed trying to sleep but unable to even though I’m tired because I have yet to adjust to a different time zone.  


My simple routine

Wake up, use the bathroom, rinse my mouth and use my tongue scraper.

Make my bed - never used to do this until I got into a routine. My thoughts were, why make my bed, I’m just going to sleep in it again tonight?. But then I read the rebuttal - why wipe after going to the toilet, you’re just going to go again? Point taken!

Drink 500ml of water, sometimes with green powder or lemon juice added. Take my water soluble vitamins like B complex and Vitamin C.

Read a book or do some other creative work like writing. Make breakfast and matcha or decaf coffee.

What’s definitely not in my morning routine but used to be? Checking my social media! I honestly would wake myself up with the bright light from my cell phone straight to the eyeballs. I didn’t realise that first thing in the morning we are the most impressionable. What messages was I sending myself by looking at everyone else's highlight reel before doing anything else that day?

Dedicate some time to yourself every morning, if only just to tell yourself that today will be a good day. Brian Tracy has some great points in The New Psychology of Achievement on the power of starting every morning with positive affirmations. We become what we think about most, so start your day with your most successful self in mind.