Supplements 101

How to get a picture liked on Instagram? Show a hand holding a bottle of supplements. If you haven’t noticed, then you haven't been paying attention. Everyone seems obsessed. What’s the latest fix-all? Or what’s the latest brand with a big social media budget?

Magic potions for a quick fix.

I think our obsession with supplements stems from our quick-fix culture. Yes, I have been guilty of this too! The dream is that we don’t have to fix our lifestyle, eating habits, mindset but could just pop a pill or mix a powder into our coffee and get on with our day.

Before you spend your hard earned money and order the latest pill, drink, detox ask yourself if you actually have a problem that may get fixed by this product. Were you already actively seeking out a solution to an issue you have? Or did this product find you and very indirectly told you that you may have an issue that it can fix?


It's raining pills and powders

Before you purchase - check that there isn't an equal product that you could buy for a lot less because it doesn't have the huge marketing budget. But I do suggest steering well clear of bargain basement cheap supermarket brands that probably don't even contain what it says on the label. Before you buy it, do some reading. Does this product only promise to work if you take it daily for years? Are you willing to commit to the cost of that? Is it worth the cost? Maybe you could spend that same money on grass-fed organic pasture raised meats or local organic produce or eggs that you couldn't afford before and see bigger results in your health.

Listen to your body

So, you bought the thing? Cool, cool. Consume it, but pay attention. Is it doing what it said it would? Are you seeing or feeling marked changes? Do you have any evidence that it’s doing something? Don’t keep buying it out of habit when it maybe isn't doing anything for you. Also maybe it worked for your sister, coworker, second cousin. That doesn't mean that it’s going to work for you. We are all bio-individual with different needs. If someone else praises the product for moving mountains but you saw no changes then it’s simple, don’t buy it again.