Healthy eating basics

The basics start here.

It can sometimes be hard not to get sucked into health and wellness. Marketing and media have infiltrated the health sphere with positive and negative results. The latest thing is always more exciting than working on the basics. Some new supplements, powders, superfoods, adaptogens, keto diet, intermittent fasting. People see and hear all those things and wonder what is right for them. But let me be clear here if the basics of healthy eating are not mastered and have become a habit, then complicating it further could be doing a disservice. Let’s learn to walk before we can run.

But what are the basics to focus on? I think these are three really important places to start. Hydration. Balanced meals. Digestion. Everyone can benefit from focusing on these three.




Are you drinking enough pure water and limiting your diuretic intake? That includes coffee, black/green tea, juice. A coffee a day is ok, but are you reaching for a second or third? Have you actually measured how much water you drink daily, it’s common to overestimate the total value.

Balanced meals

Are you eating a balance of protein, fat and carbs at each meal? Are you eating a variety of vegetables each day? Are you meals based on mainly whole, unprocessed food? Do you know when you are hungry? Can you tell when you are full, have eaten enough and stop eating? Can you go more than a couple of hours between meals or do you start to get irritable with insatiable cravings and hunger? Have steady energy levels throughout the day? Need something sweet after every meal? Do you cook and eat mostly at home?


Do you make time to sit down to eat in a relaxed state? Do you experience bloating, burping or gas right after eating or a few hours later? Heartburn or acid reflux? Constipation or diarrhoea? Inability to digest fat or protein?

An important last note.

Please note that some people need more explicit and direct help due to symptoms they are trying to manage. They should seek out a nutrition coach or NTP to help them juggle multiple lifestyle/diet changes and work out a complimentary supplement protocol. These are just general ideas to make you think about how you are prioritising your energy and what to focus on when media and marketing are telling us to buy this new thing, cleanse, detox, cut all carbs, cut all fat, etc.