Are we obsessed with food?

Food, Food, Food

I wonder when humans became so obsessed with food? When did it cross over from nourishment to a what it is now? Food has become a symbol of love, entertainment, obsession. People reach for food to numb themselves from sadness or celebrate happiness.

Maybe the introduction of sugar was the culprit. It seems like the most addictive substance we most commonly overeat. Or maybe the introduction of countless other hyper-palatable foods out there like fries, chips, crackers, biscuits which combine tastes (fat and salt, fat and sugar) and combine textures (crunchy and creamy) to make some food hard to resist.

First lick of a coconut ash nitrogen ice cream

First lick of a coconut ash nitrogen ice cream

Food on a plate

Whenever I look at our food culture with a new perspective it baffles me how obsessed with food we are. Food is in a countless number of TV shows and social media posts - including my own. Going out to eat has become a sport in itself with new restaurants, hole in the wall places and food trucks that need to be tried. Just looking at the meme’s about food in general but mainly chicken nuggets or pizza tells us about how food has become part of popular culture.

In a world with more people who are obese than starving. Where food-related lifestyle diseases are on the rise. Are we consuming food or has food consumed us? Do you think people are too obsessed with food? Or are you just thinking about what you’re going to eat next?