Winter Raw Fennel Salad

I have always hated aniseed flavour and put fennel in that box. But on a flight from Santiago to LA on a very lucky upgrade I ate a shaved fennel salad with apple which converted me to the vegetable. It’s also very prolific in Argentina in the winter so this salad is my favourite fresh and easy side or snack to throw together.

The hardest part of any salad is the chopping but it’s well worth it! The ingredients are simple so quality counts here to let the fresh flavours sing.



One medium bulb of fennel

One large orange (a blood orange would make a great option here)


1-2 TB Olive oil


Black pepper

Cut fennel bulb in half and then cut out core in the centre. Finely slice the bulb into thin half rings or shave on a mandolin and add to bowl.

Use a knife to cut the peel from the orange. Slice orange into segments or thin circles, make sure to save any leaked juice and add it to the salad bowl along with the orange.

Top with olive oil, salt and pepper and stir to combine. Let stand for 10-15 minutes to allow the salt to bring out the flavour in the vegetables. Mix salad before serving to coat everything in the orange juice that will collect at the bottom. Salad looks great arranged and served on a flat platter or just serve in the bowl.