Three reasons you still cant lose weight

Are you eating all the healthy food but still aren't at your preferred weight?

I’m here to suggest three possible reason that could be the answer:

You don’t have weight to lose.

Maybe you are at your goal weight but your expectations of what you should look like are completely unrealistic and skewed by media. We aren't all going to fit size 2 bottoms or have visible abs while leading maintainable lives because bodies are made differently. Some women will have to drop to a dangerous body fat level to have the muscle definition that some say is aesthetically ideal. Be honest with yourself about your body shape. Maybe disconnect from social media and magazines to really open your eyes to what women look like out in the wild, come to appreciate everyone's different shape and size - we are all beautiful.


You are eating whole, unprocessed foods but too big portions. Yes, I’ve been there. When I couldn't stop eating until I was stuffed. When I munched through an entire bag of dried mango. There are plenty of whole nutritious foods that we can overeat. Try tuning into your eating experience. Eat when you are moderately hungry and not absolutely “I could eat a whole cow” ravenous. Pace your meal, our body needs around 20 minutes to actually register that we’ve eaten enough, so if we eat our plate in 5 minutes we could still be feeling hungry when in reality we ate enough. Stop eating when you are around a 7 out of 10 full - remind yourself you can eat more later if you didn't have enough. It’s much easier to eat a little more later than deal with the feelings of being uncomfortably stuffed.

Emotional eating.

You’re eating your emotions. This happens when we stop eating according to your hunger and satiety signals. We eat when we are bored, procrastinating, sad, anxious, happy, lonely. Eating when you are not hungry is eating in a surplus which can equal body fat. Getting emotional eating under control takes work that only you can do - complete honesty with yourself is required. Think about what feelings you are avoiding by eating. What hurt are you trying to soothe  What are you putting off doing by eating more? Are you eating to entertain yourself or to please someone else who is pushing food on you?

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Do you have portion distortion?

Do you find it hard to stop eating when you are full?

Do you think your goal weight is only when you have visible abs?

Let me know in the comments if any of these resonated with you.