What if there's more to life than just eating stuff?

Please understand that I love food but the more I assess my relationship to it, the more I can acknowledge that it's just food. When did eating spiral away from the function of nourishing ourselves to the activity it has morphed into now? 

Food food food.

We eat for entertainment. We eat to soothe. We eat to relate to others. We eat because it tastes good. We eat because it's the new trendy thing to try. We eat because we saw it online or on social media in an advertisement. 

Are we obsessed? 

What if we just ate because we were hungry? Basic, satiating foods. Vegetables, meats maybe some grains. Closest to the way nature intended. And when we feel full, we stop eating. Can we be satisfied with this simple meal? 

(The picture is Honey Mama's Lavender Red Rose bar, a feast for the eyes!)