Stress Stress Stress

So everywhere I look these days the big talk is stress in regards to adrenal burn out and chronic illness. But What can contribute to stress? When I mention it to most people the response is “I’m not stressed”. The natural preconception about stress is that the person is sitting at their desk overwhelmed by worry or under a heavy workload. Stress can definitely be those things but it is also so much more.

Common triggers for stress on the body

Refined sugars and a high glycemic diet are a major factor for most people

Coffee, alcohol, energy drinks


Rushed mornings, commute

Suboptimal digestion


Nutritional deficiencies

Sickness, allergies, disease, food sensitivities

Environmental toxins, mould

The key here is chronic stress which produces a chronic output of cortisol, day in day out. Humans were meant to handle high stress for a short period of time and be relaxed in between. In our modern lives, we now live with moderate stress all of the time, and it is this constant that depletes the adrenals.




Another important note on emotional stress and dwelling on negative emotions. When I’m sad I think sad thoughts. When I’m anxious I continue to worry about random things that will never happen or are totally out of my control when I’m angry I replay the anger in my thoughts. Some of us tend to prolong these emotions longer than what is necessary. I think it’s ok to feel those emotions, it’s totally healthy. But when we drag them out for longer than is necessary, it’s like scratching at a cut and not letting it heal. This kind of mindset is extremely detrimental to the stress load on our body. Negative, overwhelming feelings and emotions are a hard habit to kick for people like me but it’s imperative that we let them go as soon as possible. The first step is acknowledging the thought pattern. Meditation really helps here, mental exercises like visualization, repeating mantras or something like the emotional freedom technique I think are a must for anyone who experiences negative emotions on loop in their head.