Happy New Year and Meditation

So another year comes to a close and everywhere I look people are talking about their resolutions, intentions, goals. I’m sure my gym will be packed come January so I have really enjoyed the last few peaceful days of December when people are more busy eating Christmas cookies than working up a sweat.

My resolution or whatever you want to label it is meditation. I actually download the headspace app in 2015 but I never turned it into a habit or had it stick despite the app working for others I know. But within the last month, I have been confronted with various signs and information about how important mindset, focus and meditation are to overall health. I know that a negative mindset and thought patterns are completely reversible and meditation is a great way to get me there. So I completed a few more 10 minute sessions and then bit the bullet by signing up for a year of Headspace. I’d like to give credit to my man who bought a year subscription a month or so before me and spurred me further into action.

Have Headspace, will meditate.

So now that I have the subscription how has it been going? Well, the new year hasn't even started but I have been maintaining my one a day session. I don’t want to become obsessive over my streak but it is definitely easier to keep up with a new habit if I do it daily.

Where do I want my meditation practice to be in December 2018? Ideally, I’ll still be meditating if not daily then at least several times a week. But like in yoga, it’s not called “practise” for nothing. I want to keep practising to get better at mediating and like all good things the benefits come with time. Learn, practice, master.


Catching a sunset in both photos. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2017

Safer Cookwear

One of the first things to fill a new kitchen?

This Lodge cast iron. I have to admit it is my third version of the same skillet. The first I left in New Zealand, it's in storage somewhere. The second was bought in Moab, UT with my better half on a climbing trip. That pan got packed into my bottomless duffle and flew to Argentina where it now lives. The third is going to live in Vancouver. 

Why cast iron?

It lasts forever, is non-toxic, heats evenly and browns meat like no other.

I have yet to achieve the level of non-stick on any cast iron that allows eggs to be cooked without half remaining stuck to the pan. But I remain hopeful. 

If you were to start a new kitchen from scratch, what is the first item you would buy?

The New Essential

My first title for this post was "things I love" but I remembered the @theminimalists maxim: love people and use things. I love my partner, my friends and family. Do I love this new thing? No. Does this new thing bring me joy? Yes.

Believe it or not, I thought about purchasing this drink bottle for a few months before pulling the trigger. It’s appeared in too many to count product placement type sponsored posts on social media. I didn't want to be sucked into making a purchase I didn’t really need. But months later I picked it up at an outdoor gear shop and haven't looked back since (slight exaggeration here).

Hydration is key.

I’ve become more aware that drinking more water makes me feel great, and having a large bottle is a great motivator to keep sipping all day. It’s also insulated to the contents stays at the same temperature it went it. Also having a plastic-free bottle is important to me. It’s a real commitment to eliminating all plastic from my home, at least having the drink bottle I use daily be stainless steel is a step in the right direction to avoiding hormone-disrupting plastics - even BPA free ones.

And finally, the colour (called raspberry) just makes me happy every time I look at it! So bright, so cheery, so optimistic. It brings me joy every time I use it!